Road Warriors, Volleyball with an Attitude


The Road Warriors club is an unlanded AANR travel club founded in the 1970s by a group of volleyball players who enjoyed making the rounds of tournaments in the Eastern USA. The group contained a variety of skill levels, bound together by an attitude about volleyball that included having a good time off the court and a sense of humor about ourselves. Captain Jack, Uncle Don, Jello Jerry and others ended every season with the WTL Superbowl. As players aged and Superbowl South became part of the volleyball season, Jack moved the Road Warriors’ home to Florida. With Jack’s blessing (whatever that might be) we are reviving the club in AANR East, which includes parts of Canada. The Road Warriors is for those who love to play or watch volleyball, enjoy camping and the company of other players, and brings that Road Warriors attitude to tournaments. Now that we are reconnected with AANR, membership in The Road Warriors can once again be part of your AANR membership, with all the rights, privileges, and ridicule associated with membership therein (including the infamous Road Warriors newsletter).

AANR - American Association for Nude Recreation

More information to follow about how to join both AANR and Road Warriors,
how to add Road Warriors to your current AANR membership,
or how to transfer from another club to Road Warriors.

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